Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the SEO stand for?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

2. What does SEO involve?
SEO is the process of making a website and the included content relevant to both searchers and search engines to meet goals and increase return on investment. Technical aspects of web design are included in SEO. These aspects continue to evolve under the new rules implemented by Google and other search engines. The old ‘black hat’ forms of SEO have fallen out of favor and will no longer work.

3. Why doesn’t my website get the number one spot on Google’s page one?
You are being sold a bill of goods if your SEO company promises that they can deliver you the number one spot on Google. SEO takes a long time to work properly, and your website must be filled with high-quality content, contain little JavaScript or Flash, and have gained a reputation for authority in your niche.

4. Why does my website come up in the number one position when I search for it, but it does not come up in that slot when my friends search for my website?
To make searches more convenient for you, search engines keep information about the searches that you do. To find out the actual rank of your site, turn off personalized search options and clear your history/cache.

5. When will positive results occur?
It is hard to say when your website will be indexed. Some take months while others can take only a few days. The time that it will take for you to see results will depend on the following factors: Your level of competition, the age of your website, your content, and the processes of the search engine.

6. How can I rank for the keyword ‘Apple’?
Your chances of ranking high using a keyword that is highly competitive are not very good. When you select a keyword like; apple, Steve Jobs is your direct competition.

7. Is it possible to rank for a large list of keywords?
It is possible to rank highly for many different keywords, but it is not always the best thing to do. Suppose you have a mattress site, and you manage to rank highly for the keyword apple. The people who come to your webpages will not be in the market for a mattress, so your high rank for the word apple will not do you much good regarding return on investment. Your best bet is to focus on relevancy and to take the long tail approach.

8. Is SEO expensive?
How much you spend on SEO will depend on what goals your company has. Since SEO is an ongoing project, the company you hire will assess the current state of your website, make recommendations, and develop a plan to help you meet your goals within your budget. Most SEO companies either charge an hourly rate or a commission fee, over a set period of time. In order to help with the process of making a decision, there are SEO packages available at many SEO companies.

9. Why is the cost of SEO so high?
Natural SEO is ethical, high quality, and delivers great results regarding return on investment. Your company will take in more money than the cost of SEO when properly executed. It is both an art and science. Any SEO company worth its salt will pay close attention to your ROI.