Every small business understands the importance of a strong online web presence. A solid website is great, but if no one sees it then what’s the point? As competition between businesses in your area continues to grow, Local SEO Services are becoming more necessary than ever.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Local SEO Company?

As a local business, you rely on your community to use your services to keep the doors open. And with 96% of services being searched for online, it is imperative to have an online presence. Although just having a good website is not enough. If no one can find you, your website will be worthless. Statistics show that 70% of people searching on Google will not go past page one. As a business owner, you are focused on running your business and managing your employee’s as well as ensuring your customers and clients are well taken care of and happy. These are the reasons you need local SEO services. Let us at Tidewater SEO help you get on the first page of Google and outrank your competitors.


of cosumers search for business online


of cosumers search for business online


What you need to know

More calls on a weekly and monthly basis

More word of mouth referrals

More “we need this now” buying calls

More customers, business and money


Try Our Proven Process


This is where we learn about your company. We will look over your previous years’ successes and determine where you can make adjustments using our services to increase sales. We will compare your goals and previous strategies to adjust our sails.


Whether your site requires a push in the right direction or a complete reconstruction for optimization purposes, we will be your guiding light towards the shores of success. With years of experience, we can ensure a stream-lined, tested and proven strategy to grow your business’s accessibility and online presence.

Execute & Monitor

Your company is not far away from success at all and with the right firm at the helm of the project, you will see results. We constantly monitor, analyze and adjust according to your SEO campaign’s progress. SEO is not an overnight shipment. We’ll be in this boat for the long haul until we get you the results you need.

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